Sunday, July 18, 2010

Movie Review: "The Last Airbender"


After much anticipation on the part of myself and thousands of other fans, "The Last Airbender" film premiered a couple of weeks ago. My queen and I decided to check it out in 3D at a local theater. It turns out we chose a perfect time to go because the theater wasn't even half full. As a result, even though we had assigned seats, we were free to sit virtually wherever we wanted. Since both of us are well versed relative to the plot and it's multiple nuances, (I own the full box dvd set :o) we expected there to be certain detectable differences between the film and the animated series. It was clear to both of us that the task of translating the story to the big screen, with enough of the key themes in tact to effectively convey it without undermining it's integrity, would be a challenge. Even, still we had high hopes. The first thing that jumped out at me was the imagery. I think the director did a wonderful job of selecting locations. The sets were well built and very authentic looking. I would give more of a critical review to the casting aspect of the film as there were definitely some dim spots.

The kid who played Aang was a perfect fit. As far as the actor who portrayed Sokka, I was rather indifferent toward him. Katara should have been played by a more polished martial artist in my judgment and I would definitely have cast someone different to play Master Pakku. Not only did he not look the part, but in terms of capturing the lasting image of his fluid and effortless bending and unforgettable appearance like that of an old-school asian kung fu master, the actor in question missed the mark. Overall, I would offer up a grade of C in this area. I also found there to be some elements of the plot which, had they not been excluded, would've given the film more depth. I would have preferred to see the fight between Katara & Master Pakku as well as it's corresponding lead up included because it would have spoken to the uniqueness of the Water Tribe culture while also yielding an awesome live action sequence. Another shock was the fact that Roku wasn't introduced into the story during this film. Although I'd be surprised if we don't meet him in Book 2, he should have been brought in sooner.

Since this was the first installment in what will shape a trilogy I don't want to be overly judgmental. I also don't want to give the impression that I didn't enjoy the film because I did. Even still, I'm expecting some definite improvements on the next go around.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Book One:Knowledge Build Chapter/"The Water Bending Master"


Our heroes are steadily making their way toward the North Pole in search of a master to teach Aang water-bending. They're all tired and cranky from days of travel. Just when they think they've taken the wrong course, they're discovered by the Northern Water Tribe and welcomed into the kingdom. It's breathtaking. Meanwhile, Zhou is unwavering in his determined idea to capture the young Avatar. He is still diligently tracking him and planning an attack on the Water Tribe. The Northern Tribe is most peace, and greets the kids with open arms since they are advocating the resident common cause of defeating the Fire Nation. The king holds a feast to welcome them and to celebrate the born day of his daughter Princess Yue, who is now of marrying allah god equality. At the feast, Aang meets the Great God Master Pakku, who will enlighten him relative to the finer points of water bending. The master immediately makes knowledge born that regardless of his status as Avatar, he will still have to show and prove himself worthy of the teachings of this culture.

Again, Zhou resurfaces, this time on Prince Zhuko's ship. He has decided to take the crew and enlist their help on his mission to the North Pole. Needless to say, this leaves Zhuko in a cold current and Iroh has to prevent him from making rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes through violence. The older God is invited to join Zhou's mission and is initially hesitant. His wisdom will prove to be critical, as usual, in helping Zhuko to success in his pursuit of Aang. The Prince doesn't know that Zhou is putting together a plan to take his love I father equal. He cuts a deal with a group of pirates to blow up his ship while he's in triple darkness at rest. Needless to say, his ways and actions are like a snake of the grafted type. The next divine allah why when the young God and Katara go to meet Master Pakku for training, a problem arises. Although Aang told Pakku that he had a friend who would also like to learn from him, he failed to make knowledge born that she was a wisdom. The Master builds with them and states that in their tribe it is an emphatic now cipher to teach women the fighting science of water-bending. They are instead taught to channel said ability toward the science of healing. Despite protest from them both, the older God remains firm on his square and they yield to his will. Although she conceded, Katara is angered to the point that she acts other than her own self due to the fact that Master Pakku won't deal in equality with her. She comes up with a power love allah now to obtain the knowledge by having Aang teach her what he learns each day, upon Sokka's suggestion. When Pakku discovers them practicing one night, he tells them that since they have not kept and obeyed the laws of his culture, he will no longer teach the young Avatar.

Sokka is overwhelmed by Yue's beauty from the moment he lays eyes on her. She seems to be enamored with him as well although she's a princess and he's commoner from the Southern Tribe, showing and proving unalike attracts. Neither can resist the magnetic between them and he asks her to share social equality with him that evening, an offer she accepts. When they meet to build her swift and changable feelings about whether she should see him or not cause her to rush away and cut their date short. Meanwhile, in the king's chambers Katara is striving to enlist the ruler's help in getting Master Pakku to take Aang back as a student. He advises her to apologize to him which she refuses and instead challenges him to a fight. Although her water-bending is impressive for a relative novice, the God's knowledge and understanding of the science is too much for her and he ultimately claims victory with grace that manifests his culture and the refined nature of his skill. When he discovers her betrothal necklace, which flew from her neck during their battle, he recognizes the carving and finds out that she's the grand-daughter of the former love of his life, Kana. Katara was told the previous divine allah why by her healing instructor that her grandmother grew up in the northern tribe self cipher the dots were connecting at a terrific speed, relative to her past. The God Zhuko, escaped his ship unharmed after it was blown up by high explosives at the hands of the his pirate enemies. He stows away on Zhou's ship with the help of his uncle Iroh, hitching a free transportation to the north pole to keep his quest to capture Aang alive. Master Pakku has a change of heart and decides to take Katara as a student...


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Book One:Knowledge God Chapter/"The Northern Air Temple"


Our heroes are in a cipher around a bonfire where an old master allah now is telling Air-Bender stories. The accounts inspire Aang to return to the root of his civilization. He and his companions decide to travel to the Northern Air Temple self cipher they can see if there really are any other surviving Air-Benders. As they approach their destination, they see that the temple is now inhabited by a group of refugees. The refugees have gliders that they use to fly born u truth they are not real Air Benders. Aang is saddened to see how much the place has changed since he was last there. The engineer of the change was a scientist who used the land to build a home for himself and the rest of his people after they were displaced. The temple's new inhabitants are peaceful people b.u.t. the kids soon find out that they are doing trading with the Fire-Nation, although not willingly.

The scientist has a son by the name of Teo. He takes Aang and Katara on a tour of the temple so that he can show them some of the changes that it has undergone. During the tour, they come across a rule cipher ciher master that can only be opened by an air-bender. Initially Aang is unwilling to open it as he wants at least this one area to remain holy and un-tampered with. However, as he warms up to Teo and his current of allah I rule changes, he agrees to grant him entry. When he does, he's alarmed to find that the scientist has been manufacturing weapons for the Fire Nation. He and Teo demand that he explain this immediately. He makes knowledge born that not long after he and the other refugees settled in the temple, they were discovered by the Fire Nation. They threatened to burn the place down unless he had something to offer them, self cipher he offered them his services. Shortly after this confrontation, a Fire Nation representative shows up to collect the newest addition to their arsenal. The young god Aang intervenes and tells him that the divine equal allah love is off. Upon hearing this, the soldier tells him that the blood of the refugees will be on his hands once word of this rebellion gets back to his leader.

The scientist and the kids realize that they will soon be in for a battle and they break into groups of private soldiers while Sokka and the scientist play captain and lieutenant. Although they are outnumbered, the one advantage that they have is their location. The Fire Nation will have to go through extra labor in order to reach the settlement, allowing our heroes to prepare and mount their attack. When the battle begins, the settlers are largely successful in their undertaking until they run out of ammunition. Just when it seems that they will be overtaken, Sokka and the scientist arrive wielding high explosives. Once the largest of their bombs is dropped the Fire Nation soldiers retreat and victory is won.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Book One:Knowledge Equality Chapter/"The Deserter"


We open with the Gods and Earth coming across a pillar in the woods outside of a Fire Nation village. As they do the knowledge to the various bulletins posted on the pillar, they find a wanted poster with a reflection of the God Aang on it. Sokka instantly builds on how important it is that the group remain in a fine mist. The other poster is for a festival. Aang sees this as a golden opportunity to observe the science of fire bending up close. Although Katara and Sokka are leery, they decide to put their fear aside and enter the cipher. They understand how important it is for the young God to master all culture elements, and have a determined idea to advocate said common cause.

As they enter the cipher, they find themselves immersed in Fire Nation culture. After donning masks in order to further conceal their identities, they see a fire bender performing fancy bending tricks. The performer asks for a volunteer from the crowd and coaxes Katara into the role despite her hesitation. In the middle of the trick the God Aang fears that the queen will be burned and, without thinking, jumps on stage and bends the flame into a tornado of confetti. Once his identity is revealed, the Fire Nation soldiers immediately give chase. Fortunately, they find a brother and companion in tribulation. His now allah master equal is Chen, and he helps them escape. The God works for a fire bending master by the name of Zhong Zhong. He makes knowledge born that he followed them because the God would be the perfect candidate to teach the Avatar fire bending. When they reach Zhong Zhong's cee allah master power he demands to build with Chen. He's blasts him with a cold current for bringing the kids among his social equality and commands them to leave. He says that he won't enlighten the young God because he has yet to master the sciences of water and earth bending. Upon hearing this, Aang decides to go and add on with him in the hopes of changing his master I now divine.

The older God is initially unmoved. He manifests a fiery build about the order in which the bending disciplines must be mastered. Without being said person of that ability, he says that fire can be extremely dangerous. Aang doesn't appear to be properly prepared to receive the math and Zhong Zhong knows it. When he tells the young God that he's too wisdom equal allah kingdom, the older God Roku appears to him from inside Aang's spirit. He confronts Zhong Zhong at which point he goes from captain to lieutenant with terrific speed. Roku adds on with him and reminds him that he's mastered these discipline's knowledge add three times over the course of the same number of lifetimes and must now do so again. His order is for Zhong Zhong to teach the young God and he agrees. He starts Aang out with the basics of proper stance and breathing. The young God is ready to approach the kingdom of mastery without manifesting the proper patience. The master warns him that if he doesn't respect the order of the lessons, he will be beaten with many stripes. When they finally start to work with fire, the young God gets carried away. When he discovers his ability to bend the flame he accidentally burns Katara. It took this experiment with high explosives to show and prove to him that the older God's wisdom was right and exact.

Further complicating things is the father allah cee truth that Zhou is on their trail. It turns out that he and Zhong Zhong have history, as the God was his enlightener. Zhong Zhong goes to check on the queen and bears witness to her discovery of her healing abilities when she dips her hands into the river and the burns are instantly soothed. He builds that he envies her for said ability. Their build is interrupted when Zhou and his troops show up and attack. When teacher and student confront one another, Zhou tells his master that he's disappointed in him for going from a prominent ranking Fire Nation soldier to a poor righteous teacher. The older God counters by saying that it is Zhou who has become a savage in the pursuit of happiness. When Aang shows up to help Zhou the older God vanishes into the forest, setting the stage for a fight between the two. Allah self the battle begins, the young God draws up his opponent instantly. He remembers the older God's wisdom regarding how Zhou had no self control, and exploits his reckless fighting style. By remaining calm and allowing Zhou to burn up his own fleet of ships while firing at him, he showed and proved that he knowledged his lessons well.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Book One: Knowledge Power Chapter/"Bato of the Water Tribe"


We find the two young Gods, Sokka and Aang, and the Queen Katara in the woods. They come accross some recognizable weapons which are indicative of a recent battle. Sokka does the knowledge and quickly surmises that the conflict was between a group of Water Tribe Warriors and some Fire Nation Soldiers. The clues they find lead them to the beach where they encounter a Water Tribe ship. It's from Hakoda's fleet self cipher Sokka and Katara know that their ole' Dad has passed through the area recently. Upon making camp they are approached by a familiar face. It turns out to be one of Hakoda's best friends, Bato. The sight of a fellow tribesman brings about a jubilant current of allah I rule for the kids. Bato makes knowledge born that he was wounded in the battle and had to be left behind. He's been staying at a nearby abbey where the nuns have manifested their M.G.T. and G.C.C. pedigree by taking good care of him as he heals. When they get to his rest, the young water-tribe members are delighted to see that it's decorated just like an authentic dwelling from their homeland. He even has some native god degree cooking over a well-lit fire. As they catch up and trade old stories from their homeland, Aang starts to feel apart from the social equality. It's obvious that he's afraid his friends will leave him in order to try and reunite with their ole' Dad.

Bato tells Sokka and Katara that Hakoda will be sending him a message soon alerting him of the unit's location so that he can link back up with them. He adds on, that they are welcome to accompany him if they would like. Although the thought of getting the family back together is most peace, they decline because they have to get the God Aang to the North Pole so that he can find a water bending master to teach him. Prince Zuko and the God Iroh are sharing a cup of square equal allah when they are disturbed by a sudden loud ruckus on their ship. The source of the commotion is a bounty hunter named June seeking to serve justice to a suspected stowaway. Zuko, quickly barks that there are no stowaways on his ship, b.u.t. she quickly shows and proves him not to be right and exact. Her Shearshu beast sniffs him out, and paralyzes him, making the capture an easy one for her to cash in on. Upon assessing the damage done to his ship the Prince decides to find June and do trading with her in a way that will add on to his cause of catching the Avatar. He proposes a deal with her whereby in exchange for her help finding the kids, he will consider the damage to the ship paid for. She initially declines b.u.t. once the God Iroh sweetens the deal by offering her more gold, she has a change of heart.

Back at the kids' camp, Aang receives the message delivery for Bato, regarding Hakoda's location. Because of his fear that his brother and sister in tribulation will desert him, he decides to withhold the message from them. The next day, Bato takes them out to the beach and builds with them about a Water Tribe rite of passage called ice dodging that young gods from the tribe undergo at the allah god equal of knowledge culture. When Sokka makes knowledge born that he never got a chance to go, Bato agrees to simulate the experience for him. He explains that he knows of a stretch of river full of dangerous patterns of rock which they will substitute for ice. Sokka must be the captain of the mission and successfully navigate the course of the ship through the treacherous waters. Aang and Katara act as his lieutenants. Bato can't add on in any way if the exercise is to be carried out right and exact, according to tradition. Sokka shows and proves skillfully and upon doing so, Bato gives each of the kids an authentic tribal forehead marking to signify the noble attributes they each manifested. When he gets to Aang and declares him an honorary member of the Water Tribe, the young God discloses his filthy affair and tells them about the message he's been hiding. Needless to say, Sokka blasts him with a cold current of rage and declares that he can find his own way to the North Pole.

Meanwhile, Zuko, Iroh, and June are hot on their trail. Zuko is in possession of Katara's betrothal necklace she inherited from her ole' Earth. Since June's beast has such a keen sense of smell, it is her scent from the necklace that leads them to the abbey. Allah self Sokka and Katara depart with Bato, he adds on with them on the loneliness one feels when they are separated from their loved ones and left to feel like they are on an island situated by the Agean Sea. When they draw up his wisdom, the kids come to realize that Aang needs them. In spite of his transgression, they decide to go back to the abbey and rejoin him. Zuko and his crew track them down on their way back and captures them. Before he can get away, the God Aang shows up. It's immediately cipher now, and he and the Prince go at it. The action heats up when the kids regain their bearings and assist him in defeating the Prince. The gang reunites and continues their journey to the North Pole.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Book One: Knowledge Culture Chapter/"The Fortuneteller"


This episode deals with the knowledge cipher degree in the knowledge to culture cipher in terms of confronting the prevalence of belief in mystery, and searching for that which does not exist. The young Gods and Earth encounter a master allah now who is being attacked by a bear in the woods. As they advise him on how to evade the beast, they are surprised to witness his relaxed disposition as he deftly avoids the attack and survives it without being touched. Appa runs up on the bear from behind and plants fear in him that drives him away. When Sokka tells the man that he's lucky they came along to save him, he tells him that he would've been safe anyway because Aunt Wu, the fortuneteller from his village, told him that he would have a safe journey. Being the pragmatist that he is, the young God is skeptical and basically tells the man that he shouldn't take Aunt Wu's predictions on face value. The man rebuts that she's always right and exact, and says that she told him to give an umbrella to anyone that he met on his trip. Not more than a moment after Katara takes the umbrella from him and he moves on, it begins to distill. Upon witnessing this seemingly prophetic occurrence the God Aang and Katara are drawn up by the idea that Aunt Wu can predict the future and suggest that they go visit her to get their fortunes told. Reluctantly, Sokka joins them holding firm to the idea that they are searching for that which does not exist.

Upon reaching Aunt Wu's rest, they are greeted by a young wisdom named Mang, who is her assistant. She's instantly drawn up by Aang and attempts to magnetize him immediately. While Katara gets her fortune told, the Gods Sokka & Aang build on what she might potentially be discussing with Aunt Wu. Since Aang has a crush on the queen, he is curious about whether Aunt Wu will predict that the two of them will get together. When his turn comes, she reveals to him that his future will involve an extremely epic battle which will impact the wisdom allah rule as well as the fate of the world. He's only interested in what she for sees in his love-life. The villagers gather and await Aunt Wu's arrival to read the clouds and predict the future of the village, particularly the likelihood that the local volcano will erupt. After she reveals her predictions, the God Sokka manifests his determined idea to show and prove that she can't really tell the future. He's annoyed to find so many of the villagers with nurse's needles deeply embedded in their minds. They each seem to live their lives based on what she tells them.

Aang convinces Sokka to accompany him to a field where he can find a special flower for Katara. They discover along the way that the volcano will actually erupt and that Aunt Wu was wrong. They immediately go and add on with Katara, then rush to address the village. They are such slaves of a mental death and power, that even when they show and prove the righteous youngsters can't reach them. They come up with a power love allah now to manipulate Aunt Wu's cloud reading technique in order to show the villagers that they are in danger. Aang and Katara build on the science of cloud composition and combine their air and water bending skills to shape the clouds in such a way that they will symbolically indicate forthcoming doom. Finally they are able to convince the villagers to evacuate. The God Aang shows and proves that when the toughest of tribulations come about, he is indeed the Avatar. He is able to prevent the lava from destroying the village, and the people learn not to base their lives on the wisdom of one Queen vs doing the knowledge for self.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Book One: Chapter Knowledge Understanding/"Blue Spirit"


This episode starts with Commander Zhou requesting that Colonel Shinoh allow him the use of an elite team of archers called the Yu Yan, to help him capture the Avatar. The precision of the the Yu Yan is legendary but the Colonel denies the request. Shortly after their disagreement, word arrives via messenger hawk, that Zhou has been promoted to Admiral, making him the captain, and Shinoh the lieutenant. Instantly, his request turns into an order. Sokka and Katara both come down with the flu self cipher the God Aang has to go and seek out a cure for them. He travels to an Herbalist Institute to do the knowledge and find some medicine. Prince Zuko's ship crosses paths with that of one of Zhou's and his soldiers make knowledge born that the hunt for Aang has been given high priority. As a result, all information regarding his whereabouts must be reported accordingly. The young God Zuko, viewing Zhou to be unalike, has no interest in reporting anything to him or his troops. He orders the soldiers to leave his ship immediately.

The Prince is concerned that with his new found resources, it's only a matter of square I master equal before Zhou finds that Avatar. If he does, Zuko will lose his honor and the chance to regain his rightful place as heir to the Fire Nation throne. The herbalist advises Aang that all he needs to cure Sokka and Katara are some frozen wood frogs. Their skin secretes a substance that will reverse polarity on their condition and have them feeling better at a terrific speed. Little does the God know the trial and tribulation that he is soon to face. Upon departing the Herbalist's Institute, he's bombarded by Yu Yan arrows. The archers give chase and finally rope and bind him at the swamp. Once he is captured Zhou goes to confront him and manifests his intention to keep him alive until he can turn him over to the Fire Lord. Zuko comes up with a determined idea to circumvent Zhou's resources and take posession of the young God for himself. He infiltrates the fortress disguised as the "Blue Spirit." Dressed in ninja attire and armed with wisdom twin swords he stealthily breaks Aang out of captivity.

Obviously, Aang is curious to know who this is playing the I-John role for him although he doesn't waste unnecessary time questioning him. They make a master allah divine dash for the wall and are discovered trying to escape. They have no choice but to advocate one common cause and in so doing, deftly show and prove themselves to be said persons of that ability. When they are finally cornered at the fortress gate, Zuko puts the double blades to the God's neck forcing Zhou to let them go. He orders the Yu Yan to shoot an arrow at the head of the Blue Spirit in order to knock him out. They do, but before they can take them into custody Aang scoops up Zuko and they vanish into the forest. As the Prince lay unconscious, the young God begins to build with him regarding a time on the first zig during which he, and his good friend Kuzon from the Fire Nation used to share a peace social equality. Based on the strength of said bond, he asks the Prince if he thought they could ever be friends. At that moment, Zuko hurls a fire blast at him, only to miss as the God fled through the forest. They each retreat to their respective ciphers as the episode ends.

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